Yoga at the Wall: Experience Yoga In A New Way

This class is taught by:
Saturday, December 8th,  11 AM
75 Minute Class
Instructor: Shannon Brendel
In yoga there are many props - blocks, bolsters, blankets, straps, but the best prop or tool that you can use is the wall. A wall is free, can be found at the office, all around your home, heck, even at your in-laws during the holidays! It's better than Calgon for taking away stress!

Using a wall in your yoga practice creates a new level of awareness, offers more stability and provides a deeper stretch. We will practice standing, balancing, seated and lying down postures with longer holds. This 75 minute practice led by Shannon Brendel will leave you refreshed, deeply relaxed, and ready for a busy December! And you can practice at your in-laws when needed!


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