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Yoga is not about being bendy. It’s about showing up to your mat consistently. It’s about believing that you can do anything, even when it seems impossible. It’s about uncovering who you really are. It’s about being kind to yourself, so that you can be kind to others. Yoga is about discovering that most of the crazy thoughts in your head are not true. Your thoughts are not your fault. It’s about being healthy without pushing yourself to your limit. It’s about slowing down to get strong. It’s about breathing and moving and smiling on the inside. Sometimes it may feel like the hardest thing you have ever done, but also the best.

Benefits of Yoga

We believe yoga is for everyone

So much good can come from consistent practice of yoga in addition to increased flexibility, muscle strength, and muscle tone. The word yoga literally means to yoke or to harmonize the mind, body and breath, and this mind-body connection has been proven to improve health in several ways. Lets take a closer look at the many benefits of yoga:

Increases blood flow and improves circulation
Certain yoga postures such as inversions allow gravity to stimulate the circulatory system, increasing blood flow to the heart. Other twisting postures are thought to cleanse and replenish tissues. When muscles contract, the vital organs become compressed and “wrings out” toxins, once the contraction is released, richly oxygenated blood returns to nourish the tissue.

Combats depression and induces relaxation
Studies have shown that consistent yoga practice can result in a noticeable increase of the feel good hormone, serotonin. This hormone also plays an important role in facilitating the onset of sleep. A pre-bed time gentle flow is a great remedy for insomnia.

Boosts your immune function supports the lymphatic system
While holding different postures and twists, the contraction of muscles stimulates lymph drainage, which helps the body to combat infection, toxins and disease.

While most believe that a good sweat is the way to rid of toxins, research has shown that deep breathing has the potential to eliminate up to 70% of the body’s toxins. This reason alone is great motivation to practice 10 rounds of deep breathing every day.

The practice of yoga and meditation has been proven to lower cortisol levels. Cortisol helps the body activate the fight or flight response, preparing the body to endure acute stress. However, when posed with consistent stressors, our bodies do not know how to turn off the release of cortisol. This long-term release of cortisol can wreak havoc on our bodies leading to a multitude of issues including:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Decreased immune function
  • Weight gain
  • Sleep issues
  • Impaired mental clarity

Our Services

Sculpt will tone and shape your body through anaerobic movements and added resistance of weights which gives poses more muscle-carving.

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Gentle Yoga
A great place for beginners. A slower pace and simple yoga breathing exercises make this class a great place to learn basic poses.

Vinyasa Flow
Link between breath and movement through sun salutations and postures. Increases strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. 

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True Barre
Improve your core strength, balance, flexibility, agility and motor control  in a fun yet challenging workout, True Barre is the class for you.


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