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Yoga Pilates Fusion
YogaPilatesFusionThis fusion class combines the muscle sculpting benefits of Pilates with a variety of yoga postures designed to build greater flexibility. Target specific muscle groups while enjoying a deep stretch.

Yoga Barre Fusion
YogaBarreFusionThis fusion class combines the muscle sculpting benefits of Barre with a variety of yoga postures designed to build greater flexibility. Target specific muscle groups while enjoying a deep stretch.

Vinyasa Flow
01_VINYASAFLOW_4Link between breath and movement through sun salutations and postures. Increases strength , endurance, flexibility, and balance. Vinyasa is best if you are physically active, comfortable with basic poses, and appreciate a healthy sweat.

Gentle Flow
01_GentleYoga_4A great place for beginners. A slower pace and simple yoga breathing exercises make this class a great place to learn basic poses and become comfortable on the mat. This practice brings balance and ultimately, overall health and wellbeing back to the consistent practitioner.

True Barre
01_YogaBarre_4If you are wanting to improve your core strength, balance, flexibility, agility and motor control in a fun yet challenging workout, Pure Barre is the class for you. Designed to tone and define those long lean lines you have always wanted with small, precise isolated movements and low impact. Beginning with a dynamic warm up followed by upper body sculpting, toning of thighs and lifting of the seat(at the barre), flattening of the abs and cool down and stretching to finish. No dance experience necessary and all age appropriate.

Christian Style 
01_christian_4A peaceful and restorative class for all levels. This class focuses on breathing, meditation, and learning proper alignment for basic yoga postures. The class incorporates Christian music and will open and close with scripture.

True Pilates Mat
01_True-Pilates-Mat_4Flow through a series of controlled exercises that use a mind-body connection to strengthen the “Powerhouse” muscles, increase spinal flexibility and improve posture. This class is done on the mat using fundamental Pilates movements and techniques.

Coreflow Yoga Express
This powerful and effective flow fusion class is a hybrid of yoga and core strengthening moves. Our core is our center physically, emotionally, and mentally. Planks and all kinds of and spine strengthening moves will stimulate the energy in your navel center. Focus is on deep abdominal work along with upper and lower body strengthening and lengthening. 

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