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 Nicole Christianson

Yoga has had a powerful impact on my life over the last 10 years. I was introduced to Yoga in 2007 when I was fighting an eating disorder. Yoga saved my life and was an instrumental piece in my recovery. I learned the beauty of imperfection. I began to accept my defeats with my head up and my eyes wide open. Yoga helped me to build my roads on today, because tomorrows ground it too uncertain for plans and futures have a way of surprising us. I learned that I really can endure…that I really am courageous…and that I really do have worth. I want to give this back to my students and share all the knowledge I have learned through my 200 hour training and my own personal experiences. My yoga style aims to bring a sense of balance, strength, flexibility, and mindfulness to my students. I believe this can be accomplished by showing up and doing the work.

Allesia Rausch

When I first started yoga, it was my escape. It was a place for me to be still and silent and clear my mind. As I grew in my practice I began to experience and really appreciate the wholesome benefits. By showing up to my mat everyday, I was energizing my body, renewing my mind and embracing my spirit which lead me to achieve an optimal state of health. Yoga has become such a rewarding journey and has allowed me to truly thrive in everyday life. I am excited to share my passion for wellness with this community and watch as new journeys unfold.

Jennifer Grubba

Jennifer Grubba, MA, Eds, NCSP, and 200-RYT, is the founder and Editor-in-Chief for MN Yoga Magazine, and the founder of Blue Lotus Yoga Retreats. She holds a Master’s Degree in Developmental Psychology and an Educational Specialist degree in Educational Psychology.


Jennifer has taught yoga at events, corporate settings, studios, gyms, to individuals, and at retreats. She is passionate about yoga as a tool and lifestyle by which to foster physical, spiritual and mental health. She is driven to make the benefits of yoga accessible to practitioners of all levels. Jennifer is thrilled to teach at Live True yoga. She strives to help others heal, grow, have fun, relax, and feel at home within themselves. Live your yoga off your mat! Find your authentic self!

Shannon Brendel

Back in 2010, a friend recommended we take yoga before and after running a half marathon in Chicago.  It was the perfect compliment to sore and tight muscles and I became hooked. Through the years I've ditched the running but have found yoga is the greatest partner to biking, walking and just plain old living. It's truly a life changing practicing. 

Flexibility, strength and lots of personal insights have been gifted to me through my yoga practice.  I hope to pass along these gifts to my students in a playful, challenging and always safe way.  

Veronica Walters 

Veronica began her yoga journey in 2003 when she became pregnant with her first child. Being a physically active person as a professional Mexican folkloric dancer and avid runner, Veronica wanted to continue exercising safely throughout her pregnancy. This led her to try yoga for the first time. Yoga gave her physical strength and mental endurance which she believes she would not have found without it. An eternal student of life and spirituality, Veronica is constantly seeking knowledge specifically in Eastern philosophies and medicines. Naturally drawn to energetic healing work, she has traveled around the United States and overseas to study reiki, holistic healing and the use of crystal energy. Veronica uses her knowledge as a Reiki Master to bring awareness of the subtle body and chakra systems into her yoga classes. In June 2013, she earned her 200 hour certificate through Yogaworks. She is excited for the opportunity to share her knowledge and to help people heal and grow.
“In this modern day of information overload, to which we are under constant stress and pressure, I believe we as a collective can find the inner strength and peace, through the teachings and practice of yoga and reiki.” Veronica Walters

Marilee Maxwell

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Jillian Larsen

I began my yoga journey 10 years ago just looking for another good workout. I fell in love with the physical and mental aspects of Yoga and decided I wanted to teach. I completed Core Power Teacher training when I was 8 months pregnant with my first child. After having my son, the thought of heading out to an exercise class with a child was extremely intimidating. I found myself at a baby/mom yoga class in Minneapolis and the instructors and other moms were so incredibly welcoming and understanding of what I was going through that I wanted to share this feeling with other new moms so I decided to pursue baby/mom and toddler yoga training as well. We all know that just getting out the door and to a yoga class might be the most challenging part of your day so I want my class experience to be liberating and confidence building for Mom’s and kids alike.

Joclyn Kilpatrick

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