5 Parrots That Make Great Apartment Companions

Ever thought of having a chatterbox as a roommate? How about one that greets you with a squawk rather than a “hello”? If you’re nodding along, considering a parrot as your next pet might just be your best decision yet. But wait, not all parrots enjoy the apartment lifestyle. So, let’s dive into the colorful world of parrots and discover the top 5 species that thrive in smaller spaces, ensuring both you and your feathered friend enjoy apartment living to the fullest.

1. The Sociable Budgerigar

Why Budgies Claim the Top Spot

Budgerigars, or budgies for short, are the go-to pals for those dipping their toes into the avian world. These pint-sized parrots pack a punch with their vibrant personalities and ease of care. Ideal for apartment dwellers, budgies require minimal space but promise maximum companionship. They’re known for their playful nature and ability to mimic human speech, making every day with them a surprise.

A Space-Savvy Bird for Your Living Room

Budgies adapt well to living in cages but love a chance to stretch their wings in a safe, enclosed space. With regular interaction, they can become incredibly affectionate, often forming strong bonds with their human counterparts.

2. The Quiet Charm of the Cockatiel

Cockatiels: The Understated Companions

Next in line are cockatiels, with their signature crest and gentle demeanor. Don’t let their quiet nature fool you; these birds are full of personality. They can whistle and mimic household sounds, providing a subtle soundtrack to your daily life without overwhelming it. For those in apartments, cockatiels are a dream, requiring only moderate attention to keep them happy and healthy.

Your Feathered Friend Needs Mental Stimulation, Too

Despite their need for less physical space, cockatiels thrive on mental stimulation. A variety of toys and occasional out-of-cage time in a bird-proofed room will keep their spirits high.

3. The Comical Parrotlet

Parrotlets: Small Stature, Big Heart

If you’re looking for spunk, parrotlets are your birds. The smallest of the parrot family, they possess a bold and comical personality that belies their tiny size. Parrotlets are relatively quiet, making them suitable for apartment living. They’re independent yet affectionate with their owners, striking a perfect balance for those who work from home or have a busy lifestyle.

A Bit of Green in Your Apartment

Parrotlets enjoy a mix of playtime and relaxation. Their small size doesn’t mean they don’t need space to explore, so ensure they have a spacious cage and time outside it under supervision.

4. The Peaceful Senegal Parrot

Senegal Parrots: The Gentle Souls

Senegal parrots offer a slice of the exotic with their stunning colors and calm temperament. Known for their loyalty, these birds tend to bond with one person, showing them immense affection. Senegals are more reserved, making them perfect for apartment residents who prefer a quieter environment but still want a pet with personality.

Low Noise, High Love

While Senegal parrots enjoy human interaction, they’re also content to play by themselves for parts of the day, making them ideal for someone with a 9-5 job.

5. The Intelligent Conure

Conures: The Life of the Party

Rounding off our list are conures, specifically the smaller species like the Green-Cheeked Conure. These birds are known for their playful nature and intelligence. They can be a bit noisier than the others mentioned, but their ability to form deep bonds with their owners makes up for the extra decibels. Suitable for apartments, conures need mental stimulation and social interaction to stay happy.

A Feathered Friend That Loves to Learn

Conures are adept at learning tricks and enjoy interactive toys. Engaging them in training sessions not only strengthens your bond but keeps their lively minds engaged.

Conclusion: Your Next Feathered Roommate Awaits

Choosing a parrot as an apartment companion comes down to understanding your lifestyle and the needs of these vibrant creatures. Whether you lean towards the quiet affection of a Cockatiel or the playful antics of a Parrotlet, there’s a parrot out there that will make your apartment life more joyful and colorful. Remember, all parrots require attention, care, and love to thrive. Are you ready to welcome one of these feathered friends into your home?


Q. Can large parrots live happily in apartments?

Large parrots typically require more space and stimulation than an apartment can provide. It’s best to stick to smaller species if you’re living in a smaller space.

Q. How do I bird-proof my apartment?

Bird-proofing involves ensuring windows and doors are secure, removing toxic plants and dangerous household items, and ensuring there’s no accessible water where a bird could drown.

Q. What’s the best way to keep my parrot entertained while I’m at work?

Invest in a variety of toys that encourage foraging, problem-solving, and physical activity. Rotating these toys regularly will keep your parrot engaged and curious.

Q. Do parrots need a companion?

While parrots are social creatures, many adapt well to being the sole bird if they receive adequate attention from their human family. If you’re often away, consider a second bird for company.

Q. Are parrots messy pets?

Yes, parrots can be messy, shedding feathers and scattering food. Regular cleaning and strategic placement of their cage can help manage the mess.

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