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Be you. Live True.

Join us on your mat – either in studio or online, and meet a community of like-minded people to inspire, encourage, and support your practice. When you take a class with Live True Yoga, you are investing time in yourself to move, explore, and grow. Whether you’re looking for an intense fitness class to “feel the burn” or a relaxing stretchy session to unwind the mind and body, our diverse menu of classes holds something for you.

Two studio options in Buffalo and St. Michael (located just 12 miles apart!), as well as a robust live-stream schedule, offers plenty of options for “you” time. Take a look around, get to know us, and connect when you’re ready to meet on your mat.


Live True Yoga has a wide variety of in house classes as well as online classes available.

Our Mission

Live True Yoga opened our doors and hearts in 2015 to provide a safe space for members to breathe, move, and grow. Our vision to grow a community based on movement, mindfulness, and breath continues to thrive as we are rooted in compassion, self empowerment, and connection. We believe yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, body type, or previous experience. Live True supports and encourages members to find balance in maintaining physical and mental health in a welcoming environment. We welcome anyone who is ready to unwind, work hard, laugh and let go.

nourish your spirit

in-studio and livestream classes

Ease in

Release, restore, and ground through yin, restorative, and gentle yoga practices.


Root and Rise

Focus on balance, stability, and linking breath to movement in our power, flow, and gentle yoga sessions.


Fire Up

Tone, define, and elevate your fitness routine with our upbeat strength, sculpt, barre, and core classes.


community love

We’ve been making connections in our community since 2015.
Meet some of our biggest fans and learn why they love to Live True.