8 Dog Breeds Loved By The British Royal Family

Hey there, dog lovers and royal enthusiasts! Have you ever wondered which dog breeds have won the hearts of the British Royal Family? From the regal halls of Buckingham Palace to the sprawling estates of Sandringham, certain breeds have become synonymous with royal companionship. Let’s take a stroll through the royal kennels and explore the eight dog breeds that have captivated the British Royals.

1. Corgis: The Queen’s Favorite

A Legacy of Royal Corgis

When you think of the British Royal Family and dogs, the first breed that probably springs to mind is the Corgi. Queen Elizabeth II’s love for these short-legged charmers is legendary. With their perky ears and waddling walk, corgis have been a fixture in the Queen’s life since childhood. It’s like they’re the furry embodiment of British royalty – small, but with a grand presence.

2. Labradors: Loyal Companions

The Royals’ Trusted Friends

Labradors, known for their loyalty and friendly demeanor, are also a royal favorite. The family, especially the Duke of Edinburgh, has been fond of these gentle, intelligent dogs for hunting and companionship. They’re like the loyal subjects of the canine kingdom, always eager to please.

3. Spaniels: The Royals’ Hunting Buddies

A Breed for Sport and Leisure

Spaniels, particularly Cocker Spaniels and Springer Spaniels, have long been associated with royal hunting parties. Their energy and agility make them excellent companions for sport. It’s as if they were born to frolic in the vast royal grounds.

4. Dorgis: A Royal Hybrid

The Corgi-Dachshund Mix

Dorgis, a crossbreed between a Corgi and a Dachshund, are a unique addition to the royal dog family. The Queen herself has owned several Dorgis, a breed that combines the best of both worlds – the Corgi’s sturdiness and the Dachshund’s playful spirit. They’re like the quirky cousins in the royal dog family.

5. Collies: The Majestic Herders

A Noble and Intelligent Breed

Collies have also found favor with the Royal Family, admired for their intelligence and elegance. These graceful dogs, with their luscious coat and keen herding instincts, are like the sophisticated aristocrats of the dog world.

6. Jack Russell Terriers: Spirited Companions

Full of Energy and Antics

Jack Russell Terriers, though small in size, are packed with energy and personality. Known for their spirited nature, they have been popular among the younger royals, who appreciate their playful and adventurous demeanor. They’re like the life of the party in royal pet circles.

7. Norfolk Terriers: The Adorable Rascals

Small but Mighty

Norfolk Terriers, with their wiry coat and alert expressions, have also been a favorite, particularly with Princess Margaret. These small but hardy dogs are known for their courage and affectionate nature. They’re the adorable rascals of the royal dog pack.

8. Bloodhounds: The Regal Trackers

A Noble Breed with a Royal History

Though not as commonly seen with the current royals, Bloodhounds have a historical connection to the monarchy. Known for their incredible tracking ability, these noble dogs were once a staple in royal hunting expeditions. They’re like the dignified historians of the royal dog breeds.

Conclusion: Royal Canines, Timeless Companions

From the playful antics of Corgis to the loyal presence of Labradors, each of these breeds holds a special place in the hearts of the British Royal Family. They’re not just pets; they’re cherished companions, each with a unique role in royal history. Perhaps, in your next furry friend, you’ll find a touch of royal elegance too!


1. How many corgis has Queen Elizabeth II owned?

Queen Elizabeth II has owned over 30 corgis during her reign.

2. Are these dog breeds suitable for families?

Yes, most of these breeds are known for their friendly nature and make great family pets.

3. Do the Royals train their own dogs?

While the Royals are known to be hands-on with their pets, they also employ the help of professional trainers.

4. Which royal dog breed is best for an active lifestyle?

Breeds like Labradors and Spaniels are great for active families due to their energy and stamina.

5. Can I visit the royal kennels?

The royal kennels are not open to the public, but various royal residences where the dogs reside are open for visits at certain times.

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